Who we are

We - a small full-stack team of ingenious designers and developers, offering digital solutions and consulting services to organizations and businesses of all sizes big and small.
Ddeveloperz came from the idea of being different, cutting through the creative industry and making a real difference in how we satisfy our clients by producing simple elegant solutions to complex problems. We believe in what we do, and work with clients who are as passionate as we are in achieving the very best outcomes.
Working in collaboration with clients, we aim to build not just a product but memorable and unique user experiences.
Our passion in all things design - and keeping ahead of the latest technologies, along with a dose of constant curiosity - that is what makes us unique as an original creative agency.

Meet our team

How we work

As we will be working alongside you as a partnership, it is only natural for you to be fully involved in the design process. We will work together to go through a simple, effective process of eight stages:


Before we proceed, we take time to discuss important matters with our clients. This is our means to discuss expected goals, strategy building, share things that needed to be achieve knowing their demands and purpose.


Next process is research wherein this includes researching about the business, checking competitors, learning more about the market and more. Conducting a thorough research helps in finding the right solutions that the clients need.

3Quote Approval

After Research, we send quotes with different packages for approval. Clients are free to choose the one that suits their available budget.


We then work on the design phase wherein we figure out the best ideas, concepts and methodologies to use. This is also the phase wherein we bring initial design drafts, wire-framing and prototyping.


During this process, we discuss initial drafts, explain the concepts and then we collect initial review and finally settle on one ideal concept. We are preparing for the first launch.

6First Launch

This phase is all about actual development considering initial reviews into reference. We will now see how the products go live . During this process we, will also collect feedbacks and reviews from clients and be ready for the final touches or revisions.


The main goal of this process is to gather as many modifications together as possible and then work on them. The general number of revisions, or rounds, is three but depending on relationship that number may vary.

8Final Launch

The final launch is now executed and clients are expected to love the work and willing to share their positive feedbacks.


  • "It was a pleasure doing business with Ddeveloperz. I found it to be very responsive to my needs and delivered the final project on time and most important of all exactly to my needs and requirements. Well done & keep up the good work!" Veronica, Join Our Class

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  • "Working with Ddeveloperz team has been a pleasure. They have consistently delivered excellent work quality and even contributed to the project with ideas that we have implemented! Highly recommended and we would definitely use again." Jaginder, Dragonsnet